Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Door Decor

I love having a wreath on my door, and thanks to pinterest, I've found lots of cute ones for my to-do list. I made this one and it couldn't have been easier. Joann's has all their patriotic fabric on sale this week, so I grabbed the ones I liked and got to cutting. It was pretty mindless work, which is kind of nice at the end of the day :) I thought I was done, but after looking at it on my door for awhile, I decided it needed more red, so I hauled all three kiddos to WalMart for some fabric (I must have really been motivated to get it done!). I love the way it turned out, and it will be perfect for Memorial Day/Flag Day/Sept 11, etc. You can find the tutorial here.
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UNO Party!

(Thanks to a little drama for invite inspiration!)

The thank you's have been written and the mess is (almost) cleaned up!
Can't believe my babies are one!

Idea from here

This balloon wreath is super cute and wouldn't have been hard to make, but the thought of that many balloons was overwhelming to me at the time. I knew my friend had one, so I borrowed hers and used straight pins to stick in some mini Uno cards.

I was really happy with the way their shirts turned out, and the freezer paper stenciling is so easy! The idea and link to tutorial came from here.

The cake was nothing like I wanted, but it turned out okay. I learned fondant and I do not work well together and I should not try to emulate a professional baker.

The inside was awesome!

I forgot to get pics of all the food, but these marshmallows on a stick were easy and a big hit with the kiddos. Sugar 'em up!
(Just dip the end of marshmallows in water, then roll in sprinkles or colored sugar.)

My crazy kid getting out some aggression. Yikes.
We found this pinata at Target in the perfect colors, so I gave Caden a glue stick and some Uno cards and let him decorate it :)

It was so funny to watch the babies eat their cakes! Logan went at it no hands/face first, and Levi ended up picking up the whole thing and gnawing on it.

But when Levi decided he'd had enough, he let us know!!

I had asked our friends to "skip" the gifts, but they were all too nice to come empty handed. The babies got some great new toys. Caden has been enjoying them, too :)

The party favors were a pack of Mini Uno Cards (from Party City), a box of crayons, and a mini composition book that I just glued an Uno card to the front of.

It was a great day to celebrate two great babies!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Party Planning

I can't believe my babies will be one next week! We are having a party on Saturday with an UNO theme. I lifted the idea for the invitation, but I still love it!
(invite modified from here)

Big Brother is soooo funny!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011