Saturday, July 26, 2008


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I can't believe I went so long without doing a layout! I got a new computer, and am almost finished (re)organizing my stash in ACDSee. I think I lost some stuff in the move though...I can't find a lot of my date elements, and who knows what else I'm missing. I still have my old computer, so I may need to hook it back up and see if I can find the stragglers.


Theresa said...

Yay for the new computer. Trust me I know what a pain it is to get everything switched over. After my hard drive crash in April it was a nightmare. Just this week when I was moving files I was still running across partial files and files missing altogether! Good to see a layout from ya!! Oh, I had ACDSee (Beckie got it for me over the holidays when they had the bundle package). I loved it but I lost it in my computer crash.
Anyway, hope you are well!