Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just placed my first order....I think I likey, but not sure if it borders on being too lazy to go to the store :) Doesn't look like they can beat WinnDixie or Publix sale/BOGO prices, but for regular prices I found a lot of deals. Annnnnddd....they have automatic coupons!! Click here or on the banner above and be my referral and we'll both get money back! :)

Update: So I did some price checking at Wal Mart on a few things we use often and was pleasantly surprised:
Huggies baby wash: WM=$3.48 A=$2.99
Aussie shampoo/conditioner: WM=$3.33 A=$3.18 (plus $1 off coupon)
my razor blades: WM=$9.77 A=$9.21 (4-pk)
WM=$18.34 A=$15.51 (8-pk)
Tim's razor blades: WM=$18.74 A=$16.48 (8-pk)
WM=$19.97 A=$17.99 (turbo)
Dial soap (3pk): WM=$1.97 A=$2.12
My Fiber One bars and tarts are both more expensive at Alice, but the bars also have automatic coupons which make them about equal.

Alice is good.


No Reimer Reason said...

I hate going to the grocery store but am too cheap to pay for delivery, so I am definitely going to have to check this out!

Melissa Erickson said...

Hmmm I might just have to check this out. The closest grocery store to us is in the next town.