Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I should've taken a picture to piggyback off my one yesterday (the wagon). We opened it up today to put it together and there is a big dent in the wagon, and part of the paint is even chipped. Boo. Packed it all back up.

Anywho, here is mine for today. We went on a walk this afternoon and I got lots of good pictures, so it was hard to choose. I chose this one just b/c it is a little different. I have no idea who Serena is, but she left her mark in the neighborhood!


Beckie aka Lillypug34 said...

What a bummer! Seems like that stuff happens to me all the time too :(
Caden is getting so big!

Travis Johnson said...

I wonder if it is the Serena who lives next door to me (on the other side)!