Thursday, January 22, 2009

365 Catch Up

I've been taking pics, just been a few days since I posted them here!

My boys catching some Sunday afternoon football. I'll be sad when football is over.

Kourtney must think we have a bunch of junk. She tried to have a "sale." :)

Altho I didn't vote for him, this was a historical day and I thought my pic of the day should reflect it. I'm still a bit nervous, but oddly enough, "hopeful" at the same time. Good luck, Mr. President.

We turned our heat on for the first time yesterday. It smelled bad! I'm pretty sure it was the first time it's ever been on. Seems the same scenario was taking place next door!
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Amy said...

Oh that is just too funny..........I mean, ours stinks when we turn it on too, but we don't even have 6 months in between times, lol!!! And your neighbor doesn't own winter coats!!! Being a Kansas girl, I know you know how funny that sounds, hehe!